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About barons car hire

Established in 2009, Barons Car Hire is a family-owned business that started out with two saloons. After a decade, it has grown into a well established player in the market. to having more saloons, as well as pick-ups and 4-by-4 vehicles. All the cars are comprehensively insured and there are plans of a manageable expansion. As a car hire, we offer personalized services to our clients because we know that none of our clients are the same.


Barons Car Hire has a wide range of vehicles,including Sedans, 4WD Station Wagons, and 4WD D-Cabins, and they are all in excellent condition. Trucks and 16/32-seater minibuses are outsourced on demand.

Business Ethics

Barons Car Hire aims at providing quality, economical, professional and reliable car hire services that exceed the expectations of our customers.


Some of our major clients include: National Democratic Institute (NDI); RTI; Family Planning Association of Malawi; Vision Fund Malawi; NGO Board of Malawi; Heifer International; Christian Aid; and Lake of Stars Festival.


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"Barons are reliable, affordable and friendly. In over 8 years of service they have never let us down and always exceed expectations..."

Will jameson
Lake of Stars Malawi Arts Festival

Barons is my #1 car rental provider....excellent service, exceptional and timely backup/recovery and seamless guys are first class!!!"

Ben Wandawanda
Executive Head | Business Banking
CfC - Stanbic Kenya

Would definitely recommend Barons - excellent service, very professional, easy to work with and drivers are always prompt and courteous.

James kennedy
Brand Manager
Girl Effect UK

always reliable...never disappoint

Caroline Ngwira
Finance & Administration Director
National Democratic Institute (NDI)